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• Document(s) to be Notarised or Commissioned.

• Where witnessing is required, your Identification document e.g. valid Passport or Identity Card (especially the one referred to in the document).

• Where certified true copies are required, the ORIGINAL documents as well as clear photocopies of those documents.

• Written Instructions (if any) from the person eventually receiving the document as to what is required to be done by the Notary or Commissioner.

• Where witnessing is required and the document is not in English, an English translation by an official translator may be required.

• Where a document is to be executed by a Company under its Common Seal, the relevant Company Resolution authorising the usage of the Common Seal, a copy of the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association certified as a true copy by any Director or its Company Secretary and current Business Profile from ACRA.

• Where a document is to be executed by a Company’s Attorney under a Power of Attorney, the relevant Power of Attorney.